Confederation of Australian Motor Sport: 60th Anniversary Book

On CAMS' sixtieth anniversary, TPG conceived the idea and was commissioned to publish a book (print and online) on its history.

CAMS is the peak regulatory body for four-wheel motor sport. It has 50,000 members and 21,000 competition licence holders. It has a strong reputation globally as a training organisation and is developing international business opportunities, especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

The challenge: CAMS has never produced a history. TPG commissioned journalists to research and write 18 chapters on motor racing history, early development, and current achievement.

The project encompassed 200,000 words, 1,000 pictures and approximately 400 print pages. It was planned to be self-liquidating through financial support of stakeholder companies. More than 100 interviews were conducted and the process of discovery unearthed documents which might otherwise have been lost.

Outcome: Motor sport is an exciting spectacle and entertainment. CAMS has been integral to its development and its own history is inspiring and intriguing.

Research and copy writing - including sign off by a CAMS Editorial Advisory Committee - was achieved in six months.

Publication was due by November 2013.