Toyota: Festival of 86

Toyota has created a cult sports car - the 86. Its chief engineer (head of project) Tetsuya Tada has become a personality among 86 owners around the world.

Tada visited Australia to celebrate the first anniversary of 86’s launch. He attended a media conference in Canberra and an owners’ day at Toyota’s marketing headquarters in Sydney.

1. Media

Print and electronic media dined and drove with Tada. New buzz restaurant '86' (in American terminology: "all finished") provided context. Tada discussed Toyota sports car plans. Autographed 86 models from the merchandise catalogue were souvenirs.

Media drove 86 at speed in controlled conditions at the Sutton Road Driver Training complex - track, motorkhana and drift - with national rally champion Neal Bates and national drift champion Beau Yates.


Immediate national online coverage and print features.

2. Customers

More than 500 people in 300 cars attended - from across Australia, even New Zealand. Major organisation was needed to meet on-site requirements and present Tada to specialist 86 clubs.

Pre-promotion was all online. Video and stills shot were uplinked progressively. Owners posted their own material immediately.

Outcome: Huge owner satisfaction and reinforcement of brand advocacy.

TPG Involvement

Organisation, writing, vision.