Lexus IS Launch

A TPG Specialty

Australia's motoring journalists are busy. They service the most crowded market in the world - with more than 60 brands on sale - and each wants their attention.

To launch a new car it's necessary to not only maximise journalists' time, but also to serve up worthwhile story opportunities. It also helps if the launch environment is conducive to good discussion and driving opportunities.

The 2013 launch of the Lexus IS Line - probably the most important car in Lexus' stellar line-up - was a textbook case in realising those objectives.

Journalists flew in late afternoon and went straight to an aircraft hangar where the new car was displayed as if in an infinity cyclorama. Tick the box for displaying styling.

In the same space presenters including the car's global chief engineer. Then Q&A happened over dinner. Tick the box for information gathering.

Next morning half the journalists went on a comprehensive road drive program. The other half flew by helicopter to a demanding race circuit for high speed testing. Half way through the day they swapped over. Tick the box for efficient first-drive impressions.

Less than 24 hours after arriving, journalists were on their way home.

In this electronic age most had already filed their copy in the time that was allowed in the program. Tick the box for efficiency.