Steel Profile

Leading publication for leading architects

Steel Profile is a high quality tri-annual publication produced by BlueScope to represent its building products to architects and builders.

It is mailed to a select list of clients and students through a tightly controlled list.

The Project Group has been chosen as the production house for more than 15 years.

A recent survey rated Steel Profile as one of Australia's most respected architectural publications - and that took into account all major magazines available on newsstands.

Steel Profile has evolved. Once concentrating on form, it now also delves into function - providing valuable insight into the conceptualisation of projects built with steel.

Steel Profile is a valuable resource because it contains in-depth coverage and beautiful photographs of some of the country's most revered buildings.

Many of Australia's best and most respected specialist writers and photographers contribute. An editorial advisory panel of noted architects chooses each project and comments on them.

The Project Group's job is to manage the production, and to design each publication. It's a privilege to be involved in such a prestigious endeavour.